Alliance Military
Vital statistics
Type Combined Arms Force
Level Unknown
Location AMHCOM, Auraxis
Inhabitants American Citizens, Various other races.
Systems alliance flag by a stric-d3a5kpi

Rank StructureEdit

Alliance Military Ranks: Enlisted

Enlisted Soldiers are the men and women of the Alliance Marines and Army. Most Ranks are skipped, and E1 can only be attained in JROTC by high schoolers and college students interested in joining the Military, which is highly recommend to those with a C+ or higher, those with excellent fitness, and draftee's 17 or older. 

Those recommended into the AMC are drafted differently, seniors in high school who are 16-17 with criminal records are automatically drafted and put through basic training and 1 year of combat. 

E1 - Recruit

E2 - Private

E3 - Private First Class

E4 - Corporal 

E5 - Specialist

E6 - Lance Corporal

E7 - Cadet Sergeant

NCO1 - Sergeant 

NCO2 - Sergeant First Class

NCO3 - Staff Sergeant

NCO4 - Gunnery Sergeant

NCO5 - Master Sergeant

NCO6 - First Sergeant

NCO7 - Sergeant Major

Alliance Ranking System: Warrant Officer

Warrant Officers ensure safety and stability on ships. They command Alliance Marines who are posted on Space Stations and warships. To be a Warrant Officer, Alliance Personnel must be apart of the Marine Corps, the age of 31, and spent at least 2 years in active duty, or have 120 Credits.

WO1 - Crew Chief

WO2 - Gunnery Chief

WO3 - High Chief 

WO4 - Warrant Lieutenant

Alliance Ranking System: Junior Officers

To be an Alliance Officer, one must have served 1 year in active combat, 12 weeks of Advanced Training, and/or 2 years of Space Service. In some cases, Corporals and other NCO's can be assigned as a Officer in less than a month of Heavy Fighting, if enough valor is met and the Original Officer gives the NCO the opportunity prior to death. Others can be ranked as 2nd Lieutenant is that person is a Strategist and has shown excellent valor in combat. 

O1 - 2nd Lieutenant

O2 - Assistant Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

O3 - 1st Lieutenant

O4 - Captain

O5 - First Captain

O6 - Commander

O7 - Lieutenant Commander

Alliance Ranking System: High Officers

Alliance High Officers command multiple ships, at least 2, and in some cases, entire fleets. It is very rare for clones to be High Officers, but possible. The Highest Rank can only be attained by one person at a time, and that person is granted complete control of the United States, Auraxis, and the Entire Alliance as a whole. 

HO1 - High Supreme Sergeant Major

HO2 - Lieutenant Colonel

HO3 - Colonel 

HO4 - General

HO5 - Colonel General

HO6 - High Fleet General

HO7 - Supreme Chancellor

Background Edit