Summary Edit

This is a sequel in the War Evolved genre, adding much more to the playing field. A Free War takes place in 4006, thousands of years after World War 3 broke out and destroyed what was left of Humanity. Well, sort of. Some took to the skies to avoid conflict and gained ground on new planets (NASAoDP), while others stayed behind and fought, earning their spot on Earth (NN, Germanic Empire, Etc.). All of them have different Governmental systems, ways of life, goals in life, and these often start conflicts. Thus, war is sparked, giving this game it's name. There are all sorts of different Nations and PMC's.

Nations include:

  • The Germanic Empire
  • The Navajo Nation (AKA The NN)
  • The Empire of Russia
  • The New America Systems Alliance of Democratic Planets (AKA NASAoDP, or, simply, The Alliance.)
  • The Pan-Celtic Union (AKA the PCU)
  • The Greater African Union (AKA the GAU)
  • Soviet Socialist Republic of Austria

Other notable entities include:

  • Vyrrolf Combat Solutions